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Using /LGO and /LINK

Using /LGO and /LINK

FTN95 provides a load-and-go facility via the /LGO compiler option so that programs can be quickly compiled, loaded and executed. /LGO can be used with large and complex programs, even those that require the use of libraries. No permanent object or executable file is produced (although there must be enough disk space to accommodate a temporary object file). These features make this facility invaluable for teaching, testing and development where repeated compilations and test runs are the norm.

If you wish to keep a copy of the current executable file then the /LINK option should be used. /LINK has no effect when used with /LGO.

Most of the other compiler options summarised in Compiler options - Quick reference are available together with a number of extra options which allow the following:

  • specification of relocatable binary library and input files,

  • interactive debugging.



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