FTN95 Showcase

Simfit: School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester

Simfit: a package for simulation, curve fitting, statistical analysis and graph plotting. It employs mathematical models from a library or user-supplied equations, and can be used in biology (growth curves), physiology (transport), pharamacology (dose response curves), pharmacy (pharmacokinetics), immunology (ligand binding), biochemistry (calibration), biophysics (kinetics), epidemiology (survival analysis), medical statistics (meta analysis), chemistry (chemical kinetics), physics (dynamical systems), and mathematics (numerical analysis).

Simfit is over 1 million lines of Fortran and is complete with extensive documentation. The GUI uses ClearWin+. Simfit and its source code are freely available and makes an excellent reference for people wanting to get the most out of FTN95 and ClearWin+.

For full details visit here: https://simfit.silverfrost.com/

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