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I would like to thank Bob Falconer for reading a first draft of this book, and also Robert and Paul at Silverfrost who laboriously copy-edited the work, finding typos that even four revisions of my own had not wrinkled out.

Thanks also go to those contributors to the Silverfrost users’ forum who have helped me over the years, with a particular Thank You to the memory of the late John Horspool of Gloucester.

Although a lot of the book was written at the keyboard, some parts of it were dictated, using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional version 15, and I lay some (but not all) of the blame for those errors on Microsoft Word’s autocorrect feature and to Dragon’s speech recognition of my voice!

For those who prefer the modern style of Fortran coding, then please accept my apologies for my more traditional approach.

Eddie Bromhead
15th December 2022

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