Other assembler facilities

In this section:

In general, the assembler pseudo-instructions and macros are not available, as equivalent or more powerful facilities are available using FTN95. The following pseudo instructions have been provided:

  • In-line data may be inserted using DB, DW, or DD pseudo instructions. For example:

DD Z'FEFFFFFF' ;4 bytes
DW 45 ;2 bytes
DB -1 ;1 byte

  • Do not try to select the coprocessor rounding mode by using an explicit FLDCW, as this will invalidate the independent control of arithmetic precision. Each of the following pseudo instructions is snapped on first use to the appropriate FLDCW command referencing a table of suitable control words:

FROUND ; Select rounding mode
FCHOP ; Select chopping towards 0
FCHOPM ; Select chopping towards - infinity
FCHOPP ; Select chopping towards + infinity



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