Integer input - %nrd

In this section:

%rd (Edit Integer) creates an edit box and displays the value of the corresponding (INTEGER) argument. The integer will be updated whenever the edit field is adjusted. The user will be prevented from creating an invalid or out of range integer (see Integer increase/decrease ). By default the edit box will be made large enough to hold integers of the current range, although the integer parameter n can be used to override this.

For example:

i=winio@('%si*Enter an integer: %3rd',p)

A call-back function is supplied using the caret (^) modifier. This function is called whenever a change is made.

A grave accent format modifier (`) may be used to make the control read-only. In this form no surrounding box is supplied, and the value displayed can only be changed by the program, using WINDOW_UPDATE@ to reflect the changes.



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