Standard icon - %nsisymbol

Defines a standard icon that is to be placed to the left of the block of text that follows the format code. symbol is one of "?", "*", "!", and "#". The icons given by these symbols are illustrated below.

For example:

 i=winio@('%2nlThese are all the standard icons.&')

The symbol is vertically centred to the left of n lines of text (the parameter n defaults to 1), and a half icon width is left blank to the right so as to leave an appropriate gap between the icon and subsequent text. Sound is added by attaching the "BEEP" call-back (see BEEP). Alternatively, you can call the API function MessageBeep before creating the format window.

The caret character (^) is used with %si (Standard Icon) in order to attach a call-back function. This function is called each time the user clicks on the icon. In the above example the '!' icon uses the call-back function cb_icon.



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