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INTEGER E(24)                      ! EDIT_INFO block
CHARACTER(*) STR            ! String to seek
LOGICAL BACKWARDS           ! Set TRUE to perform backward search
LOGICAL WHOLE_WORD          ! Set TRUE to seek a whole word
LOGICAL CASE_SENSITIVE      ! Set TRUE when case must match
LOGICAL SELECT_RESULT       ! Set TRUE to leave result selected

This function searches for the specified string and returns 1 if successful and zero otherwise. Typically you would supply a search menu item on a window containing an edit box. In the call-back function associated with that menu you would display a dialog box to obtain the string (%rs (Edit String)) and some of the various flags (%rb (Radio Button (or Check box))) and then call FIND_EDIT_STRING@. Although designed for %eb (Edit Box), this function may also be useful when searching for a sub-string in a string obtained from some other source.

Alternatively you can pass the window handle instead of the EDIT_INFO.

See also: EDIT_INFO



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