%ga - Gang Controls


To enable radio buttons and/or bitmap buttons to be ganged together so that if one is switched on, all the others are switched off.


winio@('%Nga',state1state2, . . , stateN)
integer state1state2, . ., stateN     (output)


Grave accent (`) - used to specify that one control is always on.

Tilde (~) - the list of "state controls" is replaced by a single array.


N is a positive integer greater than 1. state1 . . stateN are the on/off state controls for radio buttons and/or bitmap buttons defined elsewhere. A given state variable can be used in more than one control (%rb (Radio Button (or Check box)) and/or %tb (Bitmap Button)). However, it is unusual for a variable to appear in more than one %ga format for a given window. If it does then there must only be one variable that is common and the effect is to merge the two gang sets. If the grave accent is used on one of the gangs then it must be used on both.


winio@('%3ga',rb1, rb2, rb3)

See also

%rb (Radio Button (or Check box)), %tb (Bitmap Button)




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