%mv - OnMove Callback


To provide a call-back function that is to be called when the user moves or resizes the window.


winio@('%mv', cb_func)
external cb_func


Grave accent (`) - without the grave the call-back is for a moving window; with the grave the call-back is for a resizing window.


The call-back function is also called when the window is created (if two are used, one for moving and one for re-sizing, then both are called).

The call-back function will typically call the Clearwin+ function GET_WINDOW_LOCATION@ in order to determine the new size and position.

Note that certain window operations involve both moving and resizing. For example if the user drags the top-left corner, then the window is both moved and resized ('moving' changes the co-ordinates of the top left corner, 'resizing' changes the width and/or height).

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