%pb - Parameter Box


To insert a parameter box.




Question mark (?) - can be attached to %dp, %fp, %tp, %ep and %up.


N is the width of the box in average characters. M is the number of lines in the control which will include a scroll bar if M is not large enough.

options can be omitted or can take the value sorted to specify that the parameters are to be alphabetically sorted by name.

After a parameter block has been defined parameters can be attached by subsequent formats thus:

%dp (Integer parameter) - Integer parameter

%fp (floating point parameter) - Floating point parameter

%tp (Text parameter) - Text parameter

%ep (Enumerated parameter) - Enumerated parameter (a set of named alternatives)

%up (User callback parameter) - User parameter (just activates a call-back)

Each of these codes is followed by a standard character string that provides the text to be displayed. See Parameter box for further information.

See also

%ls (List Box (or Combo Box)), %ms (Multi-select Box), %ps (Property Sheet Container)




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