%pl - SIMPLEPLOT Graphics Region


To create a 32 bit SIMPLEPLOT graphics region or a native 64 bit graph.


winio@('%pl[options]', width, height)
integer width, height     (input)


Question mark (?)

Caret (^) - used to supply a call-back function.


In order to use the 32 bit SIMPLEPLOT graphics drawing library, the executable must have access to a DLL called simple.dll. This DLL is supplied with Silverfrost compilers. When making direct calls to the SIMPLEPLOT library (see the user_drawn option), the program must also be linked using the DLL.

Native ClearWin+ 64-bit graph plotting is also available using the options described below together with the further information provided here.

width and height represent the pixel dimensions of a SIMPLEPLOT graphics region within the window. Information about the options that are available is provided here. Some of the options take additional arguments. Data that is real must be passed as double precision values despite the fact that the SIMPLEPLOT library uses only single precision arithmetic.

Data that is provided via additional arguments should normally be available throughout the life time of the window. This enables the window to be re-drawn, for example after a re-sizing operation.

For an example showing the graph being updates see: 'Simpler Graph' in our GitLab example repository.

See also

%gr (Graphics Region), %og (OpenGL Graphics Region), %dw (Owner Draw Graphics), Native graphs




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