%pm - Popup Menu


To supply a popup menu.


winio@('%pm[menu_spec]', ...)


Question mark (?) - All the strings are placed in order at the end of the format description, one for each and every menu item that has a call-back function.

Grave accent (`) - Creates an enhanced menu (see Enhanced menus.).

Caret (^) - callback to control grey and check.


Provides a popup menu so that when the right mouse button is pressed in the main window a menu appears. The menu does not appear when the mouse points to a control within the main window.

The CLEARWIN_INFO@ parameters, POPUP_X and POPUP_Y reflect the position of the mouse at the point at which %pm was invoked. These values are screen coordinates before any subsequent movement to select a particular menu item. They can be used in a user function that is called when a popup menu item is selected.


If you want the percentage character % to appear in the text of a menu item then you must put %% in the code.

See also

%mn (Menu), %sm (Modify System Menu), Popup menu, Menu format




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