%ss - Use INI file


To save and load settings using an INI file.


winio@('%ss[filename/section]', ctrl)
integer ctrl     (input)


%ss is used before %rd (Edit Integer), %rf (Edit Floating Point), or %rs (Edit String) in order to automatically save and restore data in these controls.

filename/section is a standard character string (can be replaced by @).

filename is the stem of a file with the .INI extension that is stored in the standard Windows directory.

section is the name of a section in the INI file. This name appears in square brackets at the head of a section in the file.

The item name for the data is automatically formed from the text that appears immediately before the control. Spaces are removed from the text in order to form the name. See Save settings to .INI file for further details.

ctrl is set to 1 to enable saving and to 0 to disable saving.


winio@('%ss[app1/block2]', ctrl)

See also

%rd (Edit Integer), %rf (Edit Floating Point), %rs (Edit String)




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