%sz - Window Size


To size a window.


winio@('%sz', widthheight)
integer widthheight     (input/output)


width and height are variables whose current values specify the pixel width and height of the window. When non-zero values are supplied, these are used to specify the initial width and height of the window. If the window is re-sized (see %ww (Window Style)) then the variables width and height are automatically updated accordingly.

Alternatively, if zero values are supplied, the window is given a default size that suits its contents. width and height will be updated to these values and will also be changed when the window is re-sized. If code is added to save these settings, then the values can be used when the same window is next opened.

Special values are used to represent a maximised window. Consequently, if the dimensions of a maximised window are saved and used to re-open the window, the window will be restored in its maximised state.

See also

%sp (Window Position)




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