%th - Tooltip Help


To provide "tooltip" help.


winio@('%th[options]', ctrl)
integer ctrl     (input)


Grave accent (`) - provides "What's this" style context sensitive help.


%th specifies that help strings will appear in volatile rectangular boxes adjacent to the associated control when the mouse is over the control. There is a programmed delay before the help string appears. ctrl is set to 1 to make the help tooltip visible and zero to hide it.

If a grave accent modifier is used, a question mark button appears on the caption bar of the window. When the user clicks on this button, the mouse cursor changes to an arrow with a question mark. If the user then clicks on a control that has help information, the above tooltip help window pops up.

You cannot use %th and %`th is the same window.

A window that uses %`th cannot have a maximise button or a minimise button.

The option [at_cursor] causes the tooltip to be displayed relative to the current mouse position rather than relative to the control.

The option [no_callback_hide] prevents the tooltip from being hidden when a callback function is called. The default action is for the tooltip to be hidden whilst the callback is invoked.

The option [delay] allows you to set the time interval between the mouse entering a control and a tooltip appearing. An additional integer argument provides the delay in milliseconds. For example,
      winio@('%th[delay]', 1, 500)
specifies a 1/2 second delay. The default is 1500ms.

The option [ms_style] provides for a Microsoft style tooltip. It also allows you to change the tooltip text at run-time using the routine SET_TOOLTIP_TEXT@

The option [balloon] provides a tooltip in the shape of a balloon.

When used with a grave accent, [ms_style] provides context sensitive help with the conventional Microsoft appearance.

See also

%he (Help Location), CHANGE_HELP_TEXT@




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