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%ts - Text Size


To set the text size.


winio@('%ts', size)
double precision size     (input)


size is the scaling factor that defaults to 1.0. Values between zero and 1.0 cause the font to be scaled down. Values greater than 1.0 cause it to be scaled up. The default can be restored by using a size of 1.0 or by using %sf.

%fn - Font must be used before %ts because the standard font cannot be scaled.


clearwin_info@('SYSTEM_FONT_HEIGHT') returns the height of the standard system font in logical units. This can be used to detect whether the user is has set the Control Panel, Display Properties to Small Fonts (=16) or Large Fonts (=20) or Other...


winio@('%ts', 1.5D0)

See also

%sf - Standard Font, %fn - Font, %tc - Text Colour, %bf - Bold Font, %it - Italic, %ul - Underlined




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