Windows applications

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ClearWin+ is a library of functions and subroutines that enables developers to produce Windows applications very quickly. It can be used together with a Silverfrost compiler (FTN77, FTN95 or SCC) in order to produce Windows 32 and 64 bit applications for Windows XP and subsequent operating systems.

Many developers will see the need to take advantage of the graphics user interface (GUI) that is available in Windows environments in order to produce applications that are simple to use and professional in their appearance. At the same time there will be very few developers who have the time and interest to work through the long learning curve that is required in order to get to grips with the Windows API - a Microsoft library that can be used to write Windows applications. Silverfrost's solution to this dilemma is ClearWin+. ClearWin+ is designed to be used in a way that closely emulates traditional programming techniques. The complexities of the Windows API are avoided by using the ClearWin+ interface with the result that Windows applications can be developed in a very small fraction of the time that otherwise would be needed. The resulting programs are much shorter than equivalent Windows programs produced in other ways.



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