Win32, x64


Allows application file extension registration.




It is possible to register an application with the system so that if a data file is opened via Explorer your application will be called to process it.

The EXTNAME variable is a string that contains the extension, the PATH must contain the full path and program name. A text description should be supplied in DESCRIPTION. The ICON_INDEX selects the icon to be used by Windows. If you specify -1 no icon is used otherwise the relevant icon is used. i.e. if you have four icons in your resource, by placing a value of 2 in ICON_INDEX the second icon resource will be used. NEW_OPTION option should be set to a non zero value to activate the file type addition.

For example:

   CHARACTER*129 pname
   CALL get_program_name@(pname)
  +           'Icon file editor',0,1)

You can obtain the file name passed to your program as if you were examining the arguments on the command line.

For example:

     CHARACTER*129 cmnam@,filetoopen

GET_PROGRAM_NAME@ and CMNAM@ are Silverfrost library functions.



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