Using the printer

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One of the advantages of the Windows operating system is its built-in support for a wide range of printers. ClearWin+ caters for three different types of printer output:

  • Simple text output to the printer
  • HTML text output
  • Graphics output

Before you can send output to the printer it is usually necessary to prompt the user to select the printer to use (this also gives users the opportunity to cancel the print request). There are several methods to obtain this information each of which is described in the topics that follow.

The resolution of a printer varies from one machine to another, but typically printers offer a much finer resolution than even a high quality graphics driver. This means that screen images must be re-drawn for a printer after determining the resolution of the printer selected by the user. If you are using bitmap images as part of your printer output, you may need to use a higher resolution image on the printer than on the screen.

If you send simple text to the printer it will look rather plain because a single font will be used. However, this is sometimes useful for debugging purposes. It is almost as easy to send HTML output to the printer, and this is the recommended method for producing professional printed output from ClearWin+.

For printed output using OpenGL see Using a printer with OpenGL.



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