SLINK commands

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If the /LINK and /LGO compiler command line options are not used, SLINK must be called in order to link programs.

If your application uses a resource script (resource.rc say) then it must be separately compiled using the Silverfrost Resource Compiler SRC. This generates the object file resource.obj which can then be loaded in the same way as other object files.

The following example shows the commands required to compile and link a simple Windows application from a file myapp.for using FTN95:





a) Because myapp.obj and resource.obj are both used in the SLINK commands it is evident that we cannot use myapp.rc as the name of the resource.

b) If there is more than one file of source code in addition to myapp.for then the first to be loaded must contain the main program and be marked as a Windows application either by using the /WINDOWS compiler option or by including the WINAPP directive.

c) Not more than one resource object can be loaded.

d) A SLINK command line of the form:

subsystem windows,major.minor

specifies the Windows GUI style to use. The default is now

subsystem windows,4

The former Windows 3.10 subsystem can also be obtained by setting the environment variable




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