Using the debugger

The Silverfrost Win32 debugger SDBG can be invoked from Visual Studio if the project is set in "Debug Win32" or "CheckMate Win32" mode. SDBG is launched externally when a "Run to Cursor" or "Run to breakpoint" command is executed (see Getting started with FTN95). If possible you should use the debugger that is integrated into Visual Studio instead. To do this select "CheckMate .NET" or "Debug .NET" for development and change to the Win32 platform for release.

SDBG may be used either:

  • in conjunction with the Silverfrost CHECKMATE facilities, by compiling (for example) with /CHECKMATE, or

  • without CHECKMATE by compiling with /DEBUG.

SDBG allows you to view your source file(s) whilst controlling the execution of your program using function keys and debugger commands. These keys and commands control the following facilities:

  • Program breakpoints

  • Single stepping

  • Display of variables

  • Source and data file inspection

  • Evaluation of expression values

  • Program status display

  • Write/use data breakpoints (using hardware)

  • Machine code debugging

  • Profiling (statement execution count)

  • Input/output stream information

  • Display of the contents of virtual memory

  • Control of screen size



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