Destination for binary code

/BINARY <filename>
Used to specify the .OBJ file name. If this option is omitted, the OBJ file name is created by replacing the source file-name's suffix with .OBJ, e.g. with FOO.F90, the object file would be FOO.OBJ.

only. Supplies a fully qualified class name to hold the Fortran code when used with /LINK.

If /LINK or /LGO is used no permanent object file is created. Otherwise, by default an object file will be generated except when errors are present. /DELETE_OBJ_ON_ERROR represents the default and must be negated to prevent the object file from being deleted.

Win32 only. Generates a static library containing a separate object for each function or subroutine.
/MKLIB causes FTN95 to call the Silverfrost library manager called SLIM. Objects in the resulting static library may work correctly with the debugger SDBG. The use of SLIM objects with SDBG is not supported.

Suppresses the creation of an object module.



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