Properties of the code

Produce 64-bit code

Allows procedure recursion when the RECURSIVE attribute has not been specified (not recommended).

Old synonym for /ISO option.

Win32 only. Appends "__C" to C_EXTERNAL aliases that do not start with a double underscore.

Converts fixed-format source into free-format, output to the screen. All comments are lost and Hollerith constants replaced with strings. This is useful for converting fixed-format INCLUDE files into files suitable for both fixed and free formats. This option implies the /NO_BINARY option and no error checking, other than for matching brackets and checking the fixed-format column rules, is done. All other options on the command-line are ignored.

only. Supplies a fully qualified class name to hold the Fortran code when used with /LINK.

Causes DO loops to be executed at least once to allow certain Fortran 66 programs to execute correctly.

Win32 only. Applies the F_STDCALL keyword to all user-defined and imported subprograms. Standard intrinsics, FTN95 intrinsics and FTN95 library routines are automatically excluded. FTN95 routines such as CISSUE must be renamed CISSUE@. Certain Fortran language restrictions apply and, in particular, INTERFACE statements may not be used with this option. When used with /CHECK, certain checking processes are not implemented. In particular, what are called "write-ability" checks are not applied. This means that it is advisable to test your code using /CHECK (or /CHECKMATE say) without using /F_STDCALL.

Permits the use of some Fortran 200x statements as an extension.

Accept source code in ISO fixed source format. This is assumed for files with .FOR or .F suffixes. If the name of the source file on the command line has no suffix and this option is supplied then .FOR is assumed to be the suffix.

Accept source code in ISO free source format. If the name of the source file on the command line has a suffix which is not .FOR and not .F, this option is assumed. If the name of the source file on the command line has no suffix, .F90 is assumed.

Fault on IMPLICIT type definitions.

/INCLUDE <pathname>
Allows specification of list of include paths. This is appended to the list of include-paths optionally specified in the environment variable F95INCLUDE.

Ensures that all constructs used in a program conform to the Fortran 95 ISO Standard. The /ISO option also informs the FTN95 run-time system that ISO-conformity is required. This means that, for example, non-standard use of format descriptors (such as business editing in a run-time format) causes a run-time fail ure.

Specifies that the source code uses Apple Macintosh end-of-line characters.

/MOD_PATH <pathname>
Sets alternative path for module files. More than one /MOD_PATH is permitted. This is appended on to the path contained in the optional environment variable MOD_PATH.

INTEGER A(1) implies INTEGER A(*) when declaring procedure arguments.

only. Implied by /CHECKMATE. Can be used in release mode to trap overflow by planting a call to CHECK_FINITE@ after every floating point calculation.

/SAVE more...
Do not use the stack for storage of local variables and arrays. Otherwise dynamic storage is used for all local variables and arrays. This has the effect of a blank Fortran SAVE statement in each subprogram. Its use should normally be avoided.

/STACK <size>
only. Sets stack size per thread when using /LINK or /LGO.

/TABS <integer>
By default FTN95 assumes that tab characters in the code correspond to fixed tab positions at intervals of 8 characters. This option can be used to change to some value other than 8.

/UNDERFLOW more...
Win32 only. Used to trap underflow.

Display version information.

Win32 only. Program is compiled for use with ClearWin+.

/ZEROISE more...
All static variables and arrays set to zero at start of execution.



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