Using the preprocessor

Invoke the preprocessor on all input files (this is required in order to use CIF/CELSE/CENDIF when /SPARAM and /VPARAM are not used). This option is implied by /CLR.

Silverfrost FTN95 Preprocessing

/SPARAM <integer>
Sets the value of all SPECIAL PARAMETERs.

/VPARAM <name> <integer>
Like /SPARAM but allows the user to define a SPECIAL PARAMETER by name, instead of having all the same value (over-rides SPARAM).

/DEFINE <name> <integer>
As VPARAM. Values defined by either DEFINE or VPARAM can be used within the Silverfrost FTN95 Preprocessor or the C-style preprocessor.

Invoke the C-style preprocessor on all input files. Use this for #if, #ifdef, #endif statements.

C-style Preprocessing



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