Comment text

The syntax for the command is:

comment [on off | "text"]

This means that the word comment can be followed by one of the options on, off and some user-supplied text in quotation marks (in this section, user-supplied values are shown in bold italics). It is possible to embed comment text into an executable using the comment command. Comments are included into the .comment section in the executable (here the word comment is preceded by a period/full stop). Typically copyright information and version information is included in comment text. Even if the file name is changed, text within the comment section will still identify the executable as your product.

SLINK will prepend the text with the characters "@(#)", and will also add newline characters at both ends of the text. This makes the text easy to search for with a grep type utility. Comment text is also added by the compiler used and by SLINK in order to identify version numbers used for the build. SLINK will always add its own comment to the executable.

Any number of comment commands may be issued. Text following the comment command should be delimited with double quotation marks ("). The comment command is only available in interactive mode.

It is also possible exclude the .comment sections of COFF objects from the executable. This is useful where, for example, your application has been linked from a large number of COFF objects. The .comment section in the executable would then normally be very large. The comment off command will prevent the inclusion of these comments from the point at which the command was issued until a comment on command is issued. User comments will still be included.

Here is an example of the use of comments.

comment "Mars Attack v2.03,InterGalactic Software Inc."
comment off
comment on



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