Provide easy access to the Windows API function GlobalMemoryStatusEx.




OPTION is an input value in the range 1 to 7 that specifies the status value to be returned as follows:

1number between 0 and 100 that specifies the approximate percentage of physical memory that is in use (0 indicates no memory use and 100 indicates full memory use).(dwMemoryLoad)
2Amount of physical memory currently available, in bytes. This is the amount of physical memory that can be immediately reused without having to write its contents to disk first. It is the sum of the size of the standby, free, and zero lists.(ullTotalPhys)
3Amount of physical memory currently available, in bytes.(ullAvailPhys)
4Current committed memory limit for the system or the current process, whichever is smaller, in bytes(ullTotalPageFile)
5Maximum amount of memory the current process can commit, in bytes.(ullAvailPageFile)
6The size of the user-mode portion of the virtual address space of the calling process, in bytes. This value depends on the type of process, the type of processor, and the configuration of the operating system. For example, this value is approximately 2 GB for most 32-bit processes on an x86 processor and approximately 3 GB for 32-bit processes that are large address aware running on a system with 4-gigabyte tuning enabled.(ullTotalVirtual)
7Amount of unreserved and uncommitted memory currently in the user-mode portion of the virtual address space of the calling process, in bytes.(ullAvailVirtual)

A negative returned value indicates an error condition. GlobalMemoryStatus@ can be called directly without the aid of a header file but must be declared as INTEGER*8.


Added to FTN95 at version 8.00

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