Build Events

Select the Project Options dialog and select Build Events to see the following dialog.



From the tree on the left, select Build Events and Custom Build Steps.

Build Dependencies

Turning this option on will prevent FTN95 for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET from performing the usual checks on module dependencies when a project is built. Files will be built in the order in which they appear in the solution explorer. Checks are still made to determine if a file has to be built if Build is selected. This is done by checking the source file date/time stamp and comparing this with the object file date/time stamp. If the file time is newer than the object time then the file is built.

This option should normally be left as No. Module dependencies should be checked in most circumstances.

Build Events

Build events provide the opportunity to perform user defined tasks whilst the build process is underway. Typical uses would be to copy files to a specific location or run a batch file. If multiple tasks have to be perfomed during an individial build step a batch file should be written and the batch file run. Any syntax that can be used as a single line within a batch file can be used. When specifying a batch file to run, the syntax 'call batchfile.bat' should be used. Any paths specified are relative to the current working directory, this is by default the project directory.

Build events are ran at the specified time. If there is an entry for an event, that event is ran every build unless the specifed event is excluded by use of the option below each event.

If for any reason a process ran by a build event should stop responding, then selecting Cancel from the Build menu will stop the build event and any child processes that may have been started as part of the build event.

Pre-build step

This step is performed before references are updated and before any files are compiled.

Pre-link step

This step is performed after files have been compiled and before the linker is invoked.

Post-build step

This step is performed after the link process has completed.

Excluding Build Events

Build events are normally run if an entry is provided for a specific step. An option is provided under every build event to prevent a step from running. Change this option to Yes to prevent a step from being performed.



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