FTN95 + Simdem = Rapid Graphics Development

Simdem was written to show off the Simfit GUI and demonstrates how easy it was to draw impressive plots and diagrams using FTN95. You can get FTN95 to produce these same impressive graphics by installing SIMDEM and using the code examples in your programs. It gets better... Simdem is free.

How can I download Simdem?
Simdem is included in the current FTN95 release.

How do I show a plot?
Run Simdem and press the 'Run' button. You will see a list of 70 examples. Choose 'simdem 24 Plot ... a vector field' and Press 'OK'.

Output from simdem24

How do I do that in my Fortran?
Exit the plot and this time choose 'View'. Select the same example 'simdem 24 Plot ... a vector field' and this time you will see complete source code for setting up the data and calling Simdem. The source code is fully commented and simple to follow.

Source fragment from simdem24

Is Simdem written by Silverfrost?
No. It was written by Bill Bardsley and is in the public domain.

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