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%ib (Image Button) has been superceded by %mb (Multi-button Toolbar). Consider using %mb for new code.

%ib (Image Button) provides an enhanced and simplified replacement for %tb (Bitmap Button). Like %tb, %ib can be used to create toolbars or rectangular arrays of image buttons. However, only one flat image is required for each button - all the variants are created automatically. Also, text can be automatically added to the image. Here is some sample code that illustrates the use of %ib.

  INTEGER winio@,i
  i=winio@('%ca[Image bar]%sy[3d]&')
+ 'copy/Copy',4,'CONTINUE', 'paste/Paste',4,'CONTINUE')

  cut BITMAP cut.bmp
  copy BITMAP copy.bmp
  paste BITMAP paste.bmp

The argument list for %ib (Image Button) consists of the following triplet repeated for each button in turn: bitmap_name, stat_ctrl, cb_func.

The first part of the string bitmap_name gives the name of a bitmap resource. If you want a string to be added to the bitmap then this must come next after an oblique ('/'). This string can include linefeed characters (char(10)).

The integer stat_ctrl is used to control the state of the button. The constant value 4 is used to describe a button that does not toggle, i.e. it is in the down state only whilst the mouse button is held down. For a button that toggles, use a variable that will take the value 1 when it is in the up state and the value 2 when in the down state. The state value 3 describes a button that is greyed and disabled. Every button has a call-back function cb_func.

The option flat gives a toolbar that is initially flat and grey. When the mouse cursor is above a button, the image becomes coloured and the button is raised or depressed depending on its state. When this option is not used the old style of button is obtained.

%ib is designed for bitmaps that have a grey background. If the image has a one-pixel border then the border colour is used as the background colour, otherwise the background is assumed to be light grey (192,192,192). This colour is translated into the current system COLOR_BTNFACE colour selected by the user from the Control Panel.  In the above example, the image bitmaps are 48x24 pixels. This results in buttons of equal width when the strings are added. See %ib (Image Button) for further details..



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