Radio button - %rb[button_text]

In this section:

This format, %rb (Radio Button (or Check box)), defines a radio button. The button text is a standard character string. It takes a single INTEGER argument that is set to 0 or 1 according to whether the corresponding control is off or on. The grave accent (`) is used to change this control to a check box. Radio buttons can be ganged together (see Gang format) so that only one of a set is selected at any one time. Note that it is not "standard" Windows programming practice to gang check boxes together.

For example:

      INTEGER i,winio@,r(2),c(3)
      DATA r/1,0/c/1,2*0/
      i=winio@('%ca[Radio buttons]%bg[grey]&')

The caret character (^) is used in association with a call-back function and this will be called whenever the item is selected.



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