Pivot - %pv

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In the absence of a pivot (%pv (Pivot)) a window will not re-size (except to minimise). A pivot may only be placed before a control that will re-size in response. It is an error to attempt to pivot any other type of control. The following controls will accept the pivot (more may be added later, but many controls are intrinsically fixed in size):

%eb (Edit Box)

Edit boxes

%cw (ClearWin Window)

Embedded ClearWin windows

%dw (Owner Draw Graphics)

Owner draw box

%fr (MDI Frame)

Frame for MDI child windows

%gr (Graphics Region)

Graphics box, must have metafile_resize or user_resize property.

%ht (Hypertext)


%ls (List Box (or Combo Box))

List box controls (but not dropdown boxes using the grave accent)

%ms (Multi-select Box)

Multiple selection boxes

%og (OpenGL Graphics Region)

OpenGL graphics box.

%tv (Tree Control)


%tx (Text Array)

Text array

%uw (Include Window)

User defined window

An alternative %pv (Pivot) mechanism is available but not recommended. The alternative is is obtained by calling SET_OLD_RESIZE_MECHANISM@. In this case, the %pv format code marks the position of a pivot point. Items to the right of this point move to the right as the window is widened, whilst items below the pivot point move downwards as the window is lengthened. %nr (No Right Slide) and %nd (No Down Slide) can be used in conjunction with this mechanism.



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