%cw - ClearWin Window


To insert a ClearWin window.


winio@('%N.Mcw[options]', fortran_unit)
winio@('%`N.Mcw[options]', fortran_unit, handle)
integer fortran_unit     (input)
integer(7) handle     (output)


Grave accent (`) - used to return a Microsoft handle for the window.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.


N is the width and M the depth of the window in average characters.

%cw can take a pivot (use %pv (Pivot) before %cw) in order to size the window at run time.

fortran_unit is the unit number of the input/output stream.

handle can be used with routines such as SET_MAX_LINES@.

If a caption, etc. is required (for example to make the window movable) the %cw format should be embedded in a child window which is itself embedded in the main window.

%cw is a read-only control that is used for output and in particular for debugging.

The standard call-back function COPY can be used in this context but the %cw control must have the focus when the command is issued. For this reason COPY should be attached to an accelerator key (%ac (Accelerator Key)) or perhaps to a menu item.

options can be one or both of vscroll and hscroll in order to provide scroll bars. Also local_font is required if %cw is to adopted the current %fn (Font) and %ts (Text Size).

See also

%uw (Include Window)




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