Help format - %n.mhe

By default, help information (associated with the "?" format modifier) is displayed at the bottom of the window. When %he (Help Location) is used, the point at which %he appears in a format string specifies the location of the help information. The information could (for example) be placed inside a box.

In the form %he (without the integer modifiers), the area for the help string will be sized to fit the largest help string so far encountered. If further help strings are supplied after %he, their lengths should not exceed this size. In most cases help boxes are best placed at the bottom of a window. However, if necessary, an earlier help string could be padded with spaces in order to increase its size.

%20he fixes the size of the area to 20 standard characters on one line, whilst %20.3he has the same width but occupies 3 lines.

In the following example the help information is placed in a box below the %rd (Edit Integer) edit box.

CHARACTER*32 str,hlp
str='No of children:'
hlp='How many children have you got?'



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