User window - %uw[class_name]

In this section:

%uw (Include Window) enables existing Windows code to be interfaced with ClearWin+. Given a registered Windows class (that will have its own Windows procedure), a window can be embedded in a format window by using %uw. %uw is followed by a standard character string giving the name of the class. It also takes the following arguments:

1) the INTEGER width of the child in pixels,

2) the INTEGER height of the child in pixels,

3) the Window style (This will be OR-ed with WS_CHILD. In general, no border or caption will be specified, as these will normally be applied to the main window e.g. using %ca (Caption).)

4) the extended window style (often zero),

5) an INTEGER (kind=7) to receive the handle for the resultant child window.



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