ClearWin window - %N.Mcw[options]

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Using %cw (ClearWin Window) you can embed a ClearWin window (as described in ClearWin windows) in a format window. The window is created N characters wide and M deep but this can be changed by the user if the pivot format (%pv (Pivot)) is included. %cw takes one argument that is the Fortran unit number that you wish to associate with the window. Alternatively, if you pass zero, the ClearWin window is created as the default stream. By default the window has no caption and is not scrollable. The options vscroll and/or hscroll are used to provide vertical and horizontal scroll bars. If a caption, etc. is required (for example to make the window movable), then %cw must be embedded in a child window which is itself embedded in the main window.

A grave accent (`) is used with %cw to obtain a handle. This handle is returned via an integer (kind=7) argument. The handle is used in calls to associated routines e.g. SET_MAX_LINES@.

Although a ClearWin window can be used for both input and output, it is normally wise to perform input using other format codes and to use ClearWin windows for scrolling results. ClearWin windows are also very useful while debugging a program.

The call-back functions CUT, COPY and PASTE will work from within a window defined by %cw.



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