Functions ported from DBOS

In this section:

This section contains information about functions that feature in the Silverfrost DOS (DBOS) graphics library. It describes the extent to which this library has been ported to ClearWin+. The following classification of DBOS graphics functions can be made in relation to ClearWin+.

1. Functions that are useful in new programs (marked ü). Some of these will have identical usage under ClearWin+ to that under DBOS. For some the functionality is slightly different. Details are given in the Library reference.

2. Functions that can be used in new programs (marked þ) but for which there is a suitable alternative. Details for these functions are given in the ClearWin+ User's Supplement. A table of the alternative routines is given at the end of this appendix. The alternatives are documented in this guide.

3. Functions that could be ported from existing DBOS programs but which should not be written into new programs because there is a better alternative under ClearWin+ (marked ð). A table of alternative routines is given at the end of this section.

4. Functions which have no operation or are not useful under ClearWin+ but can be left in old programs that have been ported from DBOS (marked ).

5. Functions which have not been implemented under ClearWin+ (marked û).



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