%aw - Attach MDI Child Window


To attach a MDI child to a parent window.


winio@('%aw', ctrl)
integer ctrl     (input)


Used in conjuction a frame (%fr (MDI Frame)). ctrl is a variable associated with %lw (Leave Window Open) or %cv (Control Variable) in the frame. %aw (Attach MDI Child Window) can be used with %pv (Pivot).


a)  The system menu will contain Ctrl-F4 to close a child window (as opposed to the parent window), and Ctrl-F6 to move to the next MDI child.

b)  As additional children are added to a frame these windows are offset with respect to the origin to make all windows visible. This offset is not reset to zero when all the children in a frame are closed.

c)  If the standard call-back function 'CASCADE' is invoked from a window containing a MDI frame, this will cascade the child windows with the active window left at the top.


See Attach window.

See also

%fr (MDI Frame), %lw (Leave Window Open), %cv (Control Variable), %pv (Pivot)




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