%bg - Background Colour


Background colour format.


winio@('%bg', colour_value)
integer colour_value     (input)


Grave accent (`) - set the colour of the next control.
Tilde (~) - set the colour of an %ob (Open Box).


colour is one of: black, white, grey, red, green, blue, and yellow. Alternatively one of the following additional named system colours can be used: scrollbar, background, activecaption, inactivecaption, menu, window (use this for the default window background), windowframe, menutext, windowtext, captiontext, activeborder, inactiveborder (use this for dialog box backgrounds), appworkspace (use this for the MDI backdrop), highlight (use this when you are adding your own draw focus), highlighttext, btnface, btnshadow, greytext, btntext, inactivecaptiontext, and btnhighlight. The definition of these colours depends on the user's desktop configuration (if you require the actual value for an RGB colour, use the API function GetSysColor with the named colour parameters defined the file windows.ins; e.g. COLOR_BTNFACE).

colour_value is typically a value returned by RGB@.

Use without the grave modifier to set the background colour of the main window. Use with the grave modifier to set the background colour of the next control (e.g. %rd (Edit Integer), %rf (Edit Floating Point), %rs (Edit String), %ls (List Box (or Combo Box)), but not %bt (Button)).

Use with the tilde modifier within a %ob (Open Box) cell in order to set its background colour. When used with (say) %sy[no_border] and %1.2ob, it can be used to produce a split window with different background colours


winio@('%bg', RGB@(120,120,0))
winio@('%bg[btnface]') !the default button face colour.

See also

%bc (Button Background Colour), %wp (Wallpaper bitmap)




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