%bt - Button


To insert a standard button.


winio@('%~nbt[button_text]', grey_ctrl)
integer grey_ctrl     (input)


Tilde (~) - used to add a grey control.

Grave accent (`) - used to make this the default button (one for each dialog).

Caret (^) - the call-back function is called when the user clicks on the button.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.


n is an optional positive integer which is used to specify the width of the button.

grey_ctrl is set to 1 to enable the button and 0 to disable (grey) it.

button_text is a standard character string (can be replaced by @) and can include an ampersand (&) to mark an accelerator key. To change the text dynamically use %lc (Handle of Last Control) and CHANGE_BUTTON_TEXT@.

The background colour can be specified using %bc (Button Background Colour) and the text font and size can be specified using %fn (Font) and %ts (Text Size). Other effects can be obtained by using %lc (Handle of Last Control).


winio@('%`?~^10bt[OK][Click when done]', grey, cb_func)

See also

%tt (Textual Toolbar), %bc (Button Background Colour), %bi (Button Icon), %ts (Text Size), %fn (Font), %lc (Handle of Last Control), %bn (Split Button)




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