%bx - Grey Bar


To add a raised grey bar to a tool bar.


winio@('%bx', depth)
double precision depth         (input)


%bx is used, particularly after %tt (Textual Toolbar), %ib (Image Button) or %tb (Bitmap Button), in order to provide a grey toolbar at the top of the window. depth is measured as a fraction of the character height and this amount is added to the height, one half above and one half below the buttons.

%bx can only be used once in any window. Its use is not restricted to %tt (Textual Toolbar) and %tb (Bitmap Button). %bx creates a grey background from the point where it is used to the top of the window. It automatically removes the border (as in %ww (Window Style)[no_border]) and the grey background spans the width of the window.

See also

%ib (Image Button), %tb (Bitmap Button), %tt (Textual Toolbar), %ln (Etched Line)




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