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%tt - Textual Toolbar


To insert a textual toolbar.


winio@('%~tt[button_text]', grey_ctrl)
integer grey_ctrl     (input)


Tilde (~) - adds a grey control.

Grave accent (`) - specifies that this is the default button.

Question mark (?) - the help string is placed in square brackets after [button_text].

Caret (^) - the call-back function is called when the user clicks on the button.


%tt is similar to %bt - Button but provides a button that is not as deep and whose width is rounded to one of a set of standard sizes.

button_text is a standard character string (can be replaced by @).

%tt is typically used with %ww - Window Style[no_border] and/or %bx - Grey Bar.

To change the text dynamically use %lc - Handle of Last Control and change_button_text@.


winio@('%?^tt[Cancel][Help text...]',cb_func)

See also

%bt - Button, %ib - Image Button, %tb - Bitmap Button, %bx - Grey Bar




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