%sy - Dialog Style


To change the style of a dialog box.




By default, a format window that uses neither %ww (Window Style) nor %sy (Dialog Style) has a caption bar but does not have: a) system menu, b) a minimise box and c) a maximise box. Such a window is called a dialog box and by default has a double frame that is raised. This means that a dialog box cannot be maximised, minimised or re-sized. %sy is used to change the style of such a dialog box. The list includes options for changing the border of the window. This refers to the space that, by default, is provided by ClearWin+ to surround the text and controls within a window (as in %bd (Borders)). Do not confuse this border with the frame of the window that is determined by the Windows API style.

At least one of the following options must be included:




Removes the white border - like %ww[no_border]



Produces a half-size white border.



Provides a three-dimensional style for subsequent controls in the window (see below).



Like 3d but provides a Windows 95 style edge for controls.



Like 3d but provides a raised thin edge for controls.



Like 3d but provides a depressed thin edge for controls.



Omit the box at the top left which can be used to produce the system menu.



Makes the window independent of other windows in the program that are already open. This can be used to create several windows between which the user can move at will (that is, there is no implied window hierarchy in this case).



Prevents the window from appearing in the windows taskbar and hides it from the windows that appear when the user presses Alt+Tab.



The 3d style has an effect on the position of subsequent controls and must be used before the controls are defined. Some controls are not affected (for example, buttons are not changed). The window is created using the standard button face colour for its background with the controls appearing in relief. With %sy[3d], by default %ob (Open Box) boxes are given the scored property provided the raised and depressed properties are not used with %ob. %ob[shaded] boxes are rendered as %ob[depressed] boxes.

See also

%ww (Window Style)




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