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SIMPLEPLOT is a library of 32-bit FORTRAN subroutines designed and marketed by BUSS Ltd. to produce pictures of data with speed and accuracy. The basic SIMPLEPLOT library offers a wide range of facilities for drawing Cartesian and polar graphs. Extensions are available for contouring and surface pictures, presentation graphics for high quality output and representations of 3D data.

ClearWin+ provides access to SIMPLEPLOT via a dynamic link library (simple.dll) that is distributed with Silverfrost compilers. Access to this library is available by using the winio@ function together with the %pl (SIMPLEPLOT Graphics Region) format code. %pl is designed to be similar to %gr (Graphics Region).

In this section we shall look at three elementary programs that illustrate the essential features of the interface between ClearWin+ and SIMPLEPLOT. The first two examples illustrate an automatic mode of access. This is by far the easiest way to access the SIMPLEPLOT library from ClearWin+. The final example shows you how to make direct calls to the SIMPLEPLOT library. Further information about SIMPLEPLOT can be found in the documentation provided by BUSS Ltd.

For 64-bit applications, ClearWin+ provides a native 2D graph drawing facility via the same %pl interface. Details of features peculiar to the native mode are provided here.



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