Simple expression

A simple expression window is displayed in one of two situations:

  • when the result of the variable or expression is a simple data type that can be displayed in one line, these data types include: integer, logical, real, complex, string and pointers to pointers;

  • when the variable or expression is in error, in which case an error message will be displayed.

  • If the data type is a pointer then you can display another window (that is the result of de-referencing the pointer) by pressing the Enter key. If the data is too long to fit into the window you can scroll the window to the left or right by pressing the left and right arrow keys. If you press the right mouse button with the mouse cursor over an expression window then a menu will appear.

    This menu contains the following items:

    Menu item


    Print value

    Same as pressing Enter.

    Memory dump at variable

    Opens a memory dump window located at the address of the result. For example if the window displayed the value of a variable called ptr, this would produce a memory dump showing the physical memory used to store ptr .

    Memory dump using contents

    Opens a memory dump window located at the address pointed to by the result of this expression. The result does not have to be a pointer for this to work.

    Set write break on variable

    Places a write data break on the variable.

    Set use break on variable

    Places a use (read or write) break on the variable.


    You can close any data view by pressing the Esc key.



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