A structure view window lists the elements of a type (Fortran 95), structure (C), union (C), or class (C++) and their values. Each element resides on its own line in a manner similar to the array view and variables list.

The window contains a highlight bar that shows the currently selected element. This can be expanded into its own data view window by either pressing Enter or double-clicking with the left mouse button.

In addition to moving the highlight bar by dragging the scroll bar you can use the following key presses:




Bar up one


Bar down one

Page Up

Bar up one page

Page Down

Bar down one page


Start of structure


End of structure


If you press the right mouse button with the mouse cursor over an expression window a menu will appear.

The items on the menu are as follows:

Menu item


Print value

Same as pressing Enter.

Memory dump at variable

Opens a memory dump variable located at the address of the result. In this case showing the memory taken by this structure member.

Memory dump using contents

Opens a memory dump window located at the address pointed to by the result of this expression. The result does not have to be a pointer for this to work.

Set write break on variable

Places a write data break on the variable.

Set use break on variable

Places a use (read or write) break on the variable.


You can close any data view by pressing the Esc key.



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