Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows

Welcome to the home of Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows (formerly Salford FTN95). We let you use Fortran your way:

  • Traditional - Use FTN95 from the command line or from your favourite editor the way nature intended
  • Included - Use FTN95 with the powerful Plato IDE -- included with all versions of FTN95
  • Visual Studio - Visual Studio plug-ins are provided so you can edit, compile and debug in the world's favourite IDE.
  • with .NET - FTN95 comes with .NET support built in
  • without .NET - FTN95 comes with regular Windows support built in
  • Bug Killing - Our famous CHECKMATE technology keeps those bugs quiet.
  • free graphics - use Simdem a public domain library built with FTN95, includes full source code
  • 64-bit - Now includes our 64-bit Fortran compiler. Use all your PC's memory. Of course the 32-bit compiler is there too.
  • FREE - FTN95 is free for personal and evaluation use. That includes the Visual Studio plug-ins and its unbeatable bug finding technology! What are you waiting for?

You can try Silverfrost FTN95 for free right now by downloading the Personal edition.

FTN95 + Simdem = Rapid Graphics Development

FTN95 includes ClearWin+ and that makes it easy to produce complex graphics -- Simdem makes it even easier! Simdem is a graphical library built on ClearWin+ that lets you produce complex graphs and plots in a few lines of Fortran. What is more, Simdem is free.

  • Easy - Just link in the library and away you go
  • Free - No licence required to use the library
  • Source Code - You can build the library yourself if you want to.
  • Examples - Simdem comes with a suite of examples.
  • Output - Plots can be sent to a printer or converted to Postscript.
  • Mature - Simfit is based on the same source code.

Below are just a few examples of output generated by SIMDEM using ClearWin+ and FTN95. There are more here.

3D cylinder plot with error bars Bray-Curtis dendrogram diffusion from a plane source 95% confidence ellipses deconvolution of 3 Gaussians orbits for a differential equation Perspective in pie charts phase portrait for Lotka-Voterra equations Plotting equations with PSfrag and LaTeX Chemical formulas with PSfrag and LaTeX random walk in three dimensions rosenbrocks function Trinomial parameter 95% confidence contours Periodic impulse functions Multivariate K-means clustering 3D waves
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