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%cm - Context menu


To supply the a popup menu for the next control.


winio@('%cm[menu_spec]', ...)


Question mark (?) - All the strings are placed in order at the end of the format description, one for each and every menu item that has a call-back function.

Caret (^) - callback to control grey and check.


It provides a popup menu for the next control in the winio@ list and is constructed in exactly the same way as %pm - Popup Menu (which provides the default popup menu for the whole window). This provides a simpler alternative to %nw - Change Window Properties%pm - Popup Menu. %cm can be used with %em - Enhanced Menu. It does not take a grave accent.


integer check,enable
iw = winio@("%?cm[#~Exit][Click to exit]",check,enable,"EXIT")


Introduced with FTN95 8.20.

See also

%nw - Change Window Properties




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