%nw - Change Window Properties


To change certain properties of an existing window.


winio@('%nw', handle)
integer(7) handle (input)


handle is the %hw (Handle) output from a window that has already been created. If the handle is set to zero then %nw uses the currently active window.

%nw allows you to change the properties of an existing window. In particular you can use %nw to define or redefine %mn (Menu) and %pm (Popup Menu) menus on the fly. This includes %em (Enhanced Menu) enhanced menus but not old enhanced menus (%`mn and %`pm).

Alternatively handle could be the handle of a particular control (%lc (Handle of Last Control)) in an existing window (by using winio@ in a %sc (OnShow Callback) callback for example). %nw (Change Window Properties)%pm (Popup Menu) will then provide a popup menu for the associated control.

See also

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