%el - Editable Combo Box


To insert an editable combo box.


character*n items(num_items)     (input)
integer num_items     (input parameter)
character*n cur_item     (input/output)
integer grey_ctrl     (input)


Caret (^) - call-back function is called when the user selects an item.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.

Tilde (~) - adds a variable that controls the grey (enable/disable) state.

%co (Options for Edit)[check_on_focus_loss] can be used with %el.


This control is similar to %`ls but cur_item is a string for the current text rather than the index of the selected item.

If a call-back is supplied, option can be set to [extended]. The result is that the call-back is called when the list drops down or closes up. These events must be detected from the call-back by calling CLEARWIN_STRING@ with the argument 'CALLBACK_REASON' which returns 'DROPDOWN' or 'CLOSEUP'.

Using CLEARWIN_INFO@ with the argument 'EDITABLE_LISTBOX_INDEX' provides the index of the list-box item that has been selected by the user. If this value is obtained within the %el callback function then you may need to add the option %el[extended] in order to ensure that the callback function is called every time an item is selected.

The option [height=n] sets the pixel height of individual items to 'n' pixels. The default value is 16. An asterisk can be used and the value passed in the argument list.

See %ls (List Box (or Combo Box)) for further details.

See also

%ls (List Box (or Combo Box)), %ms (Multi-select Box), %lv (List View), %pb (Parameter Box), %ps (Property Sheet Container)




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