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To obtain an information string from ClearWin+.




When in a ClearWin+ call-back this function is used to determine extra information about the nature of the call-back. For example passing STR = 'CALLBACK_REASON' will reveal more about why the call-back was called.

The following values for STR are valid:


Set in the callback provided to FIND_FILE@.

Information about a document being browsed to within a %ht (Hypertext). 'CURRENT_TEXT_ITEM' is the new URL, 'CURRENT_TEXT_DOCUMENT' is the source document and 'CURRENT_TEXT_TITLE' is the title of the current page. See Hypertext windows.

This option will return a string containing the current menu item selected. It is employed when using dynamic menus that have a shared call-back (see Dynamic menus).

Is the URL being navigated to when the callback reason is HYPERTEXT_LINK

Is a string containing the full path and filename of the object dropped into a format window using %dr (OnDragDrop Callback).

ERROR_REPORT< br/> Contains the current error message if a native graph plotting routine returns an error code. See Native graph plotting.

When a %lv (List View), %tv (Tree Control) or %bv (Branch View) item is edited, this contains the new item text.

Contains the text sent via SEND_TEXT_MESSAGE@.

Contains the title of the printed document. This can be set via SET_CLEARWIN_STRING@ prior to calling routines such as PRINT_GRAPHICS_PAGE@, OPEN_PRINTER@ etc.

Whenever a call-back function is invoked, this string can be used to determine the reason for the call. The following list of reasons (upper case letters only) may be extended in the future, so programs should be designed to ignore reasons which they do not recognise.






Call associated with %ac (Accelerator Key).



An item in a %lv (List View) or %bv (Branch View) is being dragged.



A label is about to be edited in a %lv (List View) or %bv (Branch View).



A button has been pressed.



A checkbox in a %lv (List View) has changed state.



The droplist in a %el (Editable Combo Box) has been closed.



User_colour event for edit box (%eb (Edit Box)).



The contents of %eb (Edit Box), %rd (Edit Integer) (etc.) box have been altered.



Indicates an OpenGL window is in need of re-painting.



The callback was called because of calling DO_COMMAND@. See also %rc (Register Command).



Call in response to dropping a file onto the window.



During a drag and drop this reason is used to identify when the target of the drag changes. This will change as the mouse moves. Applies to %bv (Branch View) and %lv (List View).



The droplist in a %el (Editable Combo Box) has been opened.



A file has been dropped - see %dr (OnDragDrop Callback).



The user has pressed a keyboard key during a label edit. Applies to %bv (Branch View) and %lv (List View).



An item in a %lv (List View) or %bv (Branch View) has completed a drag.



A label is about to be edited in a %lv (List View) or %bv (Branch View)



An enumerated parameter (%ep (Enumerated parameter)) has been selected from within a parameter box.



Call from standard call-backs 'FILE_OPENR' or 'FILE_OPENW'.



Edit box gets input focus.



Horizontal scrollbar moved



Called when hypertext is being changed.



Call-back from activating a hypertext link in %ht or %wb.



Listbox item double clicked.



A node in a %bv (Branch View) has been expanded or collapsed.



Listbox item selected.



A keyboard key has been pressed.



This indicates that a graphics icon has been dragged within a %gr (Graphics Region). See also: ADD_GRAPHICS_ICON@.



Edit box loses input focus.



Button press in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



User has double clicked the customise dialog in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



User has started moving a button in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



User has requested a dropdown menu in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



User has clicked the help button in the customised dialog in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



User has completed moving a button in a %mb (Multi-button Toolbar).



The active child window has changed in a %fr (MDI Frame).



A menu item has been invoked.



Call of %mg (Message Callback) related function.



Node clicked in a %bv (Branch View).



Indicates that the mouse has entered or left the area of a %ib (Image Button). The %ib must have the [mouse_hover] option for this callback reason to be used.



Left button down.



Left button up.



Left double click.



Middle button down.



Middle button up.



Mouse movement.



Right button down.



Right button up.



When a %pl (SIMPLEPLOT Graphics Region) is changed -- resize for example.



Windows is asking to shutdown. See %ew (Exit Windows Callback).



Called when a control is being re-sized.



Scroll complete.



An item has been selected in a %lv (List View) or %bv (Branch View).



OpenGL window resized, see %og (OpenGL Graphics Region).



A %ib (Image Button) is about to be displayed.



Text has changed in a %el (Editable Combo Box).



Timer has fired in a %dl (Timer).



Message recieved via %rm (External Message Handler).



A user parameter (%up (User callback parameter)) has been selected from within a parameter box.



Call associated with %dl (Timer).



Vertical scrollbar moved



Call in response to %cc (Control Closure).



Call in response to %`cc.



Call in response to %sc (OnShow Callback).



Called as part of a compound call-back.



Not currently in a call-back.


Return value

Returns the value of the specified string parameter.

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